Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who I am!

Hi, my name is Luke Koke and I am 21 years old! I currently reside in Austin Texas and work at Shoreline Church! Here I work with the media team and logistics team! My parents are Pastor Rob and Laura Koke, the senior pastor's of Shoreline church! I have a sitter named danielle and a brother named Caleb, who recently relocated to heaven from a tragic car accident! I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ! I feel it's my duty and privilege to be a light to this dark world and carry out the gospel wherever I go and to whomever I come in contact with! I have felt called to ministry since I was 15 and just love being able to do ministry and be a minister to thousands of people! So that's just a little about me and I hope to all of you who may follow or read my posts may be blessed by them and be able to share them with others who may need Jesus!


  1. Glad you started a blog! Your post often inspire me and my Hubby and so many others! Glad you are utilizing yet another way to serve the Lord! You're so good at that! Good Luck!!

  2. Welcome, fellow blogger and dear friend. I look forward to following this blog henceforth!